When you consult a stand Designer…

You’re attending a trade fair. You need a company to build your stand. Here are a few rules:

  • After choosing your trade fair and your stand location, you have decided on a ‘naked’ stand.
  • You must now choose your means of communication.
  • The way you communicate is intrinsically linked to the construction of your booth and to your company image. There are several choices available; one of which is to use a stand designer (a company that builds customised stands). In this case you need to provide him with certain elements.
  • The architectural regulations of the exhibition. This allows him to plan the construction of your stand according to the rules imposed by the organizer
  • The layout of your stand and the stand number. This allows him to place you on a general plan and to define the direction the visitors will take during the salon.
  • Your company’s corporate identity (the logo in general)
  • A briefing on your requirements for the creation of your stand
  • The partitions (the exhibition plan shows you if you have a stand with one or more closed sides depending on the adjacent stands)
  • A storeroom (not essential) to store a coffee machine, fridge, electrical cabinet, clothing. etc. if necessary
  • Floor covering (rug, carpet or other…)
  • Lighting (bright or muted, warm, cold…)
  • Signage (logo or visuals for your stand)
  • Specific areas (office space, discussion area)
  • Particular furniture needs (bar, shelves etc.)
  • A two level stand if the regulations allow this
  • Cleaning (this can be prior to the show only or a daily service)
  • Once you have outlined your stand the stand designer will make you an offer
  • Once the offer is accepted the stand designer becomes the guarantor of the construction and implementation of the stand in keeping with your expectations.

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